‘Scale’ is a Two-edged Blade

I have heard many people cite ‘scale’ as a business’s barrier to entry or even its competitive advantage. Normally, the argument goes along these lines: ABC Company is XXX big, thus they can afford numerous overheads/compliance/regulatory costs and/or certain capex¬†and/or … Continue reading

Revisiting Some Older Calls

Let me spend some time here updating older calls as we go into 2018.   Top Ten Investment Cases in AWSM While Blue Label Telecoms (BLU) still remains in AWSM’s top ten, we have obviously exited Consolidated Infrastructure Group (CIL). … Continue reading

3x PE, 7.9% DY & Some Free Stuff

If you are willing to turn over enough stones in the stock market, there will always be bargains hiding somewhere out there. Here are a couple ideas to consider: Wescoal: 2.9x Price Earnings & Growing I have written about Wescoal … Continue reading