Master Drilling’s Great Mistake: Being Quiet

Previously I wrote the following article on Master Drilling (Master Drilling: Unknown Gem). I will not rewrite the investment case that I noted in that article for Master Drilling as a world-class, niche industrial technology play with global, growing scale and … Continue reading

Consolidated Infrastructure Group buy Conlog

Consolidated Infrastructure Group (CIL) has just announced the acquisition of Conlog. Here follows the press release sent out from CIL: CIG DIVERSIFIES WITH R850 MILLION ELECTRICTY PRE-PAID AND SMART METER ACQUISITION JSE pan-African infrastructure operation, Consolidated Infrastructure Group (“CIG”), has … Continue reading

Of Discounts & Discounts…

Things have been busy here, so I haven’t gotten much time to write anything new here for a while. And nothing has changed, so I’ll keep this short. Ethos Capital Partners (EPE) has just listed on the JSE. They have … Continue reading

CSG Holdings: Growth of an Industrial Services Group

CSG Holdings (CSG) is a stock that I hold in the AlphaWealth Prime Small & Mid Cap Fund. I have previously touched on why I like the stock before (Five Lessons I’ve Learnt in Small Caps), but I’ve never really gone into any … Continue reading

Company Valuation Basics

This article is following on the series that I began posting here: The Four Pillars of Company Fundamentals. This second batch of videos present an overview and the basics of various valuation approaches for stocks. A notable valuation model missing from this … Continue reading

The Four Pillars of Company Fundamentals

The videos below are from a series I ran on JustOneLap.com a good couple years ago. Sure, I could probably do a slightly better job presenting some of these topics nowadays and/or modernize one or two examples, but the essence … Continue reading

Metair’s Disappointing Trading Update

Automotive supplier and start-stop battery story, Metair (MTA), put out a shocker of a trading update yesterday. The stock initially sold-off by c.7% before some (rather suspicious-looking) support walked in and tried to keep the share price up. Personally, I … Continue reading