Invest In My Small Cap Fund

Note: If you are looking for a tax-free savings account (TFSA), then read this…

I run the AlphaWealth Prime Small & Mid Cap Fund (AWSM Fund), which is structured as a Unit Trust with a domestic small & mid cap mandate. The former creates a liquid entry point into an illiquid underlying for you, while the latter gives you direct exposure to my preferred portion of the equity market.

Download the latest quarterly AlphaWealth Prime Small & Mid Cap Fund factsheet here.

For a more detailed background on the AWSM Fund you can read here. Regarding monitoring the AWSM Fund or looking for independent, free detail on the AWSM Fund, have a look here and here.

I’m not worried about people seeing the AWSM Fund’s historical holdings, as ultimately a long-term investor into my Small Cap Fund is not buying into the current holdings (as these will change over time), but into the underlying philosophy. Our investment philosophy can be distilled into four basic tenets:

  1. Quality-bias: We focus primarily on quality, before focussing on value or growth, as we believe that if the underlying business is not a good business, then there is too much risk to even consider it as an investment.
  2. Buying companies, not sectors: We are extremely focused bottom-up stock pickers, as small cap shares rarely dominate their markets and the gems are often hidden below the macro-economic data that clouds the markets.
  3. Investors, not traders: We are long-term investors into our selected companies.
  4. High conviction, high concentration: Our Fund is made up of only our best ideas and highest convictions investments. We limit ourselves to a selection of only 15 to 20 individual stocks.

If you already know that you want to invest into the AWSM Fund, then here are the necessary steps to open an account and invest directly:

Download the following the application form here: AlphaWealth Investment Application Form

The following sections of the above application form must be completed and sent with your FICA pack to AlphaWealth’s client desk (or myself).

FICA Requirements for an individual (other entities have other requirements):

  • ID Copy,
  • Utility bill not older than 3 months,
  • Proof of tax details, IRP5 or latest tax return will suffice, and
  • Proof of banking account / statement should not be older than 3 months old.

All the completed documentation can be emailed to AlphaWealth’s client desk (or myself). for further processing.

Once it is confirmed that AlphaWealth has received all the necessary documents and all the completed forms, the account can be opened and you can transfer the cash for the investment (if a lump-sum and not a debit order).

I apologise for the complexity of the process, but regulation and risk is such that we need to do all of this.

Alternatively, our AWSM Fund is listed on a number of platforms and you could always request access to it and allocate to the Fund via that (slightly more expensive) route.

Kind regards

Keith McLachlan