No Forecasts for 2017 Found Here!

At this time of year, I normally put together a nice little article with some broad strokes about what I think the year ahead will hold. The rise of Populism and the potential proliferation of Black Swan events leads me to … Continue reading

A Forgotten Safeguard: Diversification

The global economy is desynchronised with significantly diverging views at both global and country-level. China could implode, Europe could fragment and USA could falter. All of these could happen. And then you get commodity volatility coupled with massive forex swings (up … Continue reading

Beware the Buzzword, Careful the Catchphrase

Between the dialogues of the companies, analyst, fund managers and journalists, the stock market is a whirlwind of clichés, buzzwords and catchphrases with everyone trying to sound intelligent while hiding their agenda. Following on from where I broke down the “real” … Continue reading