PBT Group: Very Much Worth Looking At…

Extracted from AlphaWealth Prime Small & Mid Cap Fund’s Q1:17 factsheet (download full factsheet here): “Following Stellar Capital’s acquisition of the Prescient Financial Services cluster from Prescient Ltd, the remaining listed company renamed to PBT Group Ltd. What is PBT … Continue reading

No Forecasts for 2017 Found Here!

At this time of year, I normally put together a nice little article with some broad strokes about what I think the year ahead will hold. The rise of Populism and the potential proliferation of Black Swan events leads me to … Continue reading

Warning Signs: Retailers, Shopping Centres & Retail REITs (Part 2 of 2)

See ‘Part 1’ of this series here. There are three harmonious parts to a Real Estate Investment Trust (REIT): Income: These are predominantly rentals from tenant renting space from the REIT. The lower the vacancy rate and the faster rentals … Continue reading

JSE Power Hour: Start-to-End Investing in Small Caps

Last night I gave a presentation at the JSE about investing in small caps. The idea was almost to present a turnkey solution to investing in this part of the stock market. For this reason, the presentation starts very basically … Continue reading

The Investment Case for AWSM Fund

What follows is an investment case I was asked to write for a potential client to pitch my Small Cap Fund to his Investment Committee. I think it makes for a good read, so I’ve reproduced it here: “Over longer … Continue reading

Three Pointers for Small Cap Portfolios

I have previously spoken about why one should allocate at least a portion of your portfolio to small cap investments (Why Invest in Small Caps?). I have also considered some key aspects to look for in selecting these investments (Key Attributes of … Continue reading