AWSM Fund’s Q2:17 Factsheet

Download the full factsheet here. Copied below is my narrative: Introduction: Honesty, Insight and Logic The AlphaWealth Prime Small & Mid Cap Fund (AWSM Fund) is -5.87% for the Q2:17. We are both managers of the Fund and investors in … Continue reading

A Bird’s Eye View: Small Caps Going Into 2016

The South African economy is currently under significant pressure with higher rates, inflation risk, a weaker Rand and low growth combining to form significant downside risk. Particularly the latter variable is suseptable to labour and utility dispruptions (i.e. electricity and … Continue reading

Exceptional Companies, Exceptional Stocks…Exceptional Returns?

Last night I gave a presentation at the JSE focussing on what “quality” in business is, how you definitively quantify it and, probably the most important, why it is important in stock picking in the markets. In summary, the key … Continue reading