Illustrating Investing in the Small Cap Cycle

I have drawn this rather crude illustration of what some call the “small cap cycle”. The Y-axis of profit stands for the growing profits of the business as well as the increasing investment returns over time (as, in the long-term, … Continue reading

CSG Holdings: Growth of an Industrial Services Group

CSG Holdings (CSG) is a stock that I hold in the AlphaWealth Prime Small & Mid Cap Fund. I have previously touched on why I like the stock before (Five Lessons I’ve Learnt in Small Caps), but I’ve never really gone into any … Continue reading

A Bird’s Eye View of the Size-related Indices

Stepping back from individual stocks and looking at the whole market, we can start to draw some very interest macro-based, long-term conclusions from the differences in the risk-reward characteristics of stocks of different size on the JSE. For our sample … Continue reading